Big Companies Recruit Moms

Big Companies Recruit Moms

It's hardly news that taking time away from the office to have a baby (and subsequent time to raise said baby) can derail a woman's career.

It is news, however, that some large corporations are reaching out to former employees who left after having children.


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The Wall Street Journal reports that consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co. are having trouble recruiting women, and one avenue they're using to even the numbers is reaching out to former female employees who left their jobs—often to raise children.

We all know the usual narrative prevalent in the media: Women decelerate careers in consulting or banking to have children, then leave their demanding jobs for positions more manageable for people with families. But due to the fact that this path leads to a gender imbalance in the abandoned companies, those demanding jobs have begun to make concessions to their meet employees' needs—and that includes moms.

The Journal points to Boston Consulting Group's mentoring program for women, Goldman Sach's "returnship" program (which offers short-term jobs to people who have taken a few years away from the workforce) and McKinsey's "phase back" program, which helps new mothers transition back to the office after maternity leave.

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Whether you're currently working full time or not, have children or don't, we can probably all agree: Big corporations accommodating their employees leads to a more diverse, more efficient workforce—and that's good for all of us.


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