Be Still, My Heart: What People Plan to Spend On Valentine’s Day

valentine's dayValentine's Day is just around the corner.

No pressure!

Chances are you may be thinking that absolutely everyone else but you has a romantic date lined up—or absolutely everyone is determinedly ignoring the sentiment.

Either way, you'd be at least a little right. A survey of over 2,000 men and women conducted by LearnVest and TD Ameritrade found that 42% of respondents are treated to a Valentine's dinner out—while 26% don't celebrate the holiday.

Considering that Americans shelled out over $17 billion on Valentine's Day in 2012, we wanted to know what exactly they're spending on. Here's a look at our romantic intentions.

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  • Susiecleo88

    I like to call the day after Valentine’s Day “Single Girls Revenge Day.” That’s when you can find chocolates and floral arrangements at half price or less

    • LiMarie473

      Or just “Be my own Valentine Day” – I love stuff at 50% of!!

    • Pizzaqueen2480

      hello,that is great. I am married,but have never gotten A card or flowers,and this year ia m not buying him a thing.   I always have got a card for him and his favorite candy,but I am done.  I will buy myself a bouquet of flowers,and tell him someone followed me out  of the store and gave them to me. I did this last summer when I had surgery,and he looked amazed,and believed me too.we will celebrate our 31 years of marriage in feb. if you have boy friend try doing this,it may be a wake up call. I celebrate married womens revenge day. I love your idea,and ,hope you do not mind my borrowing it.

  • PJ

    Glad I don’t “bu;y” into that so called “Lovers Day”  Waste of money and it is just another ploy to get us to spend our money on junk!   Glad I smartened up.  

    • Grannyswimmer

      Have better things to buy, then dinner, movies, flowers, candy, it called mortgage, gas, electrical, clothes.

  • shannon4peace

    I registered for a sewing class this winter, 10 weeks for $80… and it happens to be on Thursdays, which falls on vday.  so my vday is costing me $8.  I shall make myself something sweet.

    • Pizzaqueen2480

      hello, you are on the money

  • HarlemGirl

    I’m happily in a relationship but we don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day – mainly because my birthday is the week before, and our anniversary is the week before that.  So I guess I’m in that 30%

  • Patricia Logan

    I am single, never been married, and the gifts I have received on this day were in elementary school and my parents.  I like Susiecieo88 said, the day after, it is my day from now on.  Get chocolates at 50%..Woohoo, thanks, I am doing this.

    • Pizzaqueen2480

      I am married,and, never get  thing,but it is o.k. I just look at the source. you are lucky to br singlr, it’ not really that great to begin with

  • sjdemo

    Honestly I’m surprised it isn’t higher than 26%. A lot of people have more important celebrations — birthdays or anniversaries — that fall around that time. I never cared much for V day before marriage, and hub’s birthday is the same week. On top of the expense, rearranging schedules (he works most evenings), finding childcare for two nights instead of one, I feel celebrating two things so close together takes away from the one that matters more — that he was born.

    Spending time with or doing something for someone you love shouldn’t be regulated to one day. I much prefer the random cards, flowers, or simple I love you scrawled on a legal pad to anything done because it’s Valentine’s day.