Airlines Add Fees; Travel Site Publishes Chart of Every Single One

Airlines Add Fees; Travel Site Publishes Chart of Every Single One

Across the country, airlines are piling new fees onto their fare prices to increase their revenue, according to CNN Money.

Some of these fees cover elective services, like United’s FareLock program, which allows travelers to hold a fare at a certain price for up to seven days before they purchase it. However, many new fees are compulsory, and will drive up the cost of flying for budget travelers and first-class fliers alike.

Allegiant and Spirit airlines, for example, now charge fees for carry-on luggage. The cost of toting your bag onto the plane is $25 or $50, depending on whether you pay the fee online or at the airport. The rationale? Airlines are compensating for time lost packing away carry-on bags in the cabin.


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The technology-averse can expect to pay more than smartphone users at the airport, as well. It costs an extra $20 to be mailed a copy of your itinerary from Virgin Airlines, and an extra $5 for an agent to print your Spirit ticket at the airport.

Regular travelers who use frequent flier miles should expect to get hit with extra fees. US Airways charges a $25 processing fee for the redemption of frequent flier miles, plus an additional $75 if the fare is booked within 20 days of travel. Ditto American Airlines and United, which also charge fees if a frequent flier purchases a ticket within three weeks of his or her travel date.

Is all this making your head spin? Airfarewatchdog compiled a handy, comprehensive chart listing the fees for U.S. domestic airlines—from overweight bag fees to charges for pillows and blankets—so you can calculate the actual cost of your trip before you book.


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