7 Money Links We Love: Is Peer Pressure Keeping You Poor?

7 Money Links We Love: Is Peer Pressure Keeping You Poor?

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Obama's suggestion of $9 per hour as the new minimum wage seems like a big jump, but ... U.S. Minimum Wage Is Pretty Low Compared to Some Countries (Business Insider)

A journalist and a financial coach share a frank discussion about the taboos surrounding finances. A Conversation About Power, Sex and Money (The Billfold)

The people you surround yourself with can impact your financial life. Are they helping you save or spend? Is Peer Pressure Keeping You Poor? (Wise Bread)

Despite Obama's positivity about the economy during the State of the Union address, American consumers are keeping their wallets tightly closed. Shoppers Cutting Back in Uncertain Economy, a Move That Could Only Make the Economy Worse (The Huffington Post)

Are you planning to see "Identity Thief" this weekend? Just know that the flick didn't get all the facts straight. What the Movie "Identity Thief" Gets Wrong (Credit.com)

Before you pour money into home improvements, find out which ones will offer little return on your investment. 5 Home "Upgrades" You Should Avoid (Zillow)

A 25-cent tax on everything from Converse to Air Jordans will benefit youth programs in Illinois. "Sneaker Tax" Eyed as Answer to an Illinois Nonprofit's Problems (DailyFinance)

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Read, check your report and pass it on! Credit Report Errors Affect Up to 42 Million

Does your significant other seem to speak a different language when it comes to money? Here's how to make it work when you have opposing financial views. Spender vs. Saver: How to Live (Financially) Happily Ever After

This writer saw the economic downturn as an opportunity to advance his career—and start a new adventure. When the U.S. Economy Tanked ... I Moved to China

If your gut is telling you that something's up during a job interview, you should pay attention. 5 Signs That You Probably Shouldn't Take the Job

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