7 Money Links We Love: How to "Insure" Your Career Against a Layoff

7 Money Links We Love: How to "Insure" Your Career Against a Layoff

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

We suggest saving this post to reread around 3 p.m. on Wednesday--when it will be even more useful. 9 Secrets of Motivated People - Real Simple

You may be tempted to cut your gym membership during the recession, but it's actually more important than ever to stay in shape. How Working Out Will Help Your Waistline and Your Wallet - Wall Street Journal

Now this is what we call "selling yourself" to potential employers. Best Résumé Ever Turns Job Seeker Into Amazon Product - The Grindstone

Protecting yourself against a layoff isn't just about having a robust emergency fund. Read up on the four other things that you need in order to "insure" your career against disaster. How to Futureproof Your Job With a Career Insurance Policy - Lifehacker

Given that the Super Bowl is this Sunday, we're glad that the Justice Department has our backs when it comes to keeping beer prices low. Justice Department Tries to Break Up Budweiser-Corona Marriage - Forbes

More and more states are requiring online retailers to collect a sales tax. Will Online Shopping Cost More?

The Super Bowl isn't just the biggest gambling day of the year--it's also the weirdest, seeing as you can take bets on just about anything. Prop Bets, Sports Books and Beyonce's Cleavage: Everything You Need to Know About Super Bowl Gambling. - Time Business

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You thought taxes were just for raising revenue? Actually, they can also be used to make the world a better place. Really. Why Sin Taxes Are So ... Good

An 8-week challenge can change the way you shop forever. It did for this woman. The Shopping Embargo: My Annual, 8-Week Buying Fast

Being a CEO isn't just about hard work and intelligence. Apparently, it's also about your appearance. Coveting the Corner Office? Take a Closer Look at Your ... Looks

This is being called one of the most shocking privacy scandals in years--and it's entirely legal. Is Your Employee Selling Your Salary Data? 

Our editor tried out some tricks to regain control of her time--and she's sharing them with you. Are You as Busy as You Think? 


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