6 Apps to Make Over Your Life

We love the idea of "keystone habits."

They're the habits that when you change them for the better, radiate out into all your other habits. Quit smoking, and you might find yourself motivated to go running and pay off your debt. (This has happened, according to the author of The Power of Habit.)

So if you're struggling to resolve your money issues, why not focus on another good habit you want to cultivate?

So we've rounded up several free and affordable apps to make you your best self. Hey, maybe if you cultivate a more positive attitude, you won't find yourself shopping so much!

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  • Heidi Nedreberg

    Make a Learnvest App for iPad and Android already!  :)

  • Marty

    Learnvest needs to be available for Android :)

  • Nikki B

    Those of us who are Android users need some love too! Please create the LV app for Android…

  • Nikki

    I would also love love LOVE to have the android app.