4 Must-Haves to Organize Your Home

4 Must-Haves to Organize Your Home

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Michelangelo couldn’t have painted the Sistine Chapel without his brushes, and you can’t keep a tidy home without the right organizing tools!

But, if you head to the local mall, you may find yourself inundated with fancy storage bins and ultramodern labeling systems. Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between what you need, and what’s a waste of money.


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To help narrow things down, we asked Jill Pollack--HGTV’s organization expert--for her top three must-have organization items for homeowners. Here are her picks:

1. Under-the-Sink Shelving

Unless you really think about it, you probably don’t realize how much stuff you store under your sink: cleaning supplies, towels and tools…the list goes on. A few levels of shelving can keep this area nice and tidy instead of looking like Tornado Alley.

2. Plastic Bins With Lids

There is such a thing as too many bins, but a few of these guys in your basement or garage can be really handy. The clear plastic options work best so you can see what’s inside (this can help avoid a lengthy bin-scavenger-hunt when you need to grab something from storage). Lids are also important for water and pest damage prevention.

3. Hooks and Pegs

These are great for closets, bathrooms and entryways because they’re extremely versatile. Coats, towels and tools are all fair game for hanging, and you’ll free up precious shelf and closet space.

4. A 3-Bin Hamper

If you love doing laundry, good for you! If you’re one of the other 99 percent of people in the world, a 3-bin hamper will help you hate this chore a little less. By separating whites, darks and delicates, you’ll be able to organize laundry duty far better than you would with a single hamper. Tip: If you have a large household, it may help to organize your bins by family member, rather than clothing type.

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