The 4 Hottest Job Industries for 2013

Gabrielle Karol

4. Technology

This industry will continue to provide a plethora of employment opportunities in 2013, according to Fox Business. The Department of Labor projects that technology positions will continue to grow by 19% through 2020, while USA Today reports that analyst, mobile developer and cloud computing experts will be especially in demand. Additionally, 27% of hiring managers plan to employ information technology specialists in the next year.

Average Salaries

  • IT managers: $118,010 per year
  • Software developers: $89,280 per year
  • Web developers: $77,990 per year
  • Data analysts: $74,000 per year
  • Computer support specialists (no college degree required): $46,260 per year

Resources for Job Seekers

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Good luck!

  • Vinit Mehta

    Nice Article! I think that usa jobs it also has a great scope in the future.

  • Jamie Nolan

    I work in the solar energy industry and I love it! 

    • Nnenna Ogbuehi

      What do you do in the industry?

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  • Chris Zybert

    Thanks for the great read! Working at a staffing agency in Massachusetts has definitely shown that these are 4 markets with a very high demand for talent!