The 4 Hottest Job Industries for 2013

Gabrielle Karol

It’s the start of a new year, leading many people to make new career resolutions–like getting that sought-after promotion or raise.

Also on the list for many people? Finding a new job.

In fact, one in three employees will be looking for a new gig in 2013. And according to’s Employment Confidence Survey, as many as 18% of them will start the job hunt in the next three months.

These workers may be on to something, seeing as 26% of hiring managers are looking to employ full-time employees this year, which is up three percentage points from 2012. More employers are also looking to add temp or contract workers, and nearly half are planning to transition these workers to full-time status this year.

If you’re considering a job search in your current field or a related industry (or thinking about forging a totally new path), there are four hot fields right now that you should be on your career radar . . .

1. Energy

As the hunt for alternative and more efficient energy sources continues, this industry offers a wealth of opportunity for job seekers. In fact, the solar industry has experienced a 13.2% employment growth rate over the last twelve months, compared to a 2.3% growth rate in the economy overall. Additionally, fracking and oil drilling have led to 1 million of the 2.7 million jobs created since 2002.

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Although six of the eight most-filled new jobs in this industry are engineering-related, more than 30 states in the U.S. saw oil and gas support employment positions rise by at least 50% over the past ten years, reports USA Today. These include jobs in freight trucking and manufacturing, as well as field hands and supervisors–positions that may require little related experience in the industry.

 Average Salaries

  • Oil and gas extraction jobs: $150,000 per year
  • Petroleum pump system operators and refinery operators: $61,260 per year
  • Crude oil transportation jobs: $59,870 per year
  • Mining support jobs: $49,790 per year
  • Oil and gas workers: $37,640 per year
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