The Problem With Productivity Tools

The Problem With Productivity Tools

With the entire internet at our fingertips (and also that traffic outside, our noisy desk-mate and snacks beckoning from the kitchen), it can be hard to be productive.

That's why so many of us find productivity tools--like systems, apps and websites--so helpful: They can keep us on task ...

If we let them.


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The Wall Street Journal warns that some of our most beloved productivity tools (like RescueTime and Toggl)  might be making us less productive, because there are so many shiny new options that people lose interest quickly and continuously switch tools or because people choose tools that aren't the right fit for them, in terms of how they think and work.

The Journal, with the help of productivity experts, recommends keeping the following things in mind when choosing the right tool for you:

  • Identify your own productivity weaknesses (Is it getting all of your tasks in one place? Figuring out your next steps? Updating your to-dos?)
  • Make sure your system is flexible and easy to update
  • Give yourself enough time to get used to the system before abandoning it

And if you need further inspiration, one of our editors just experimented with productivity tools to try and find more time in her busy schedule. We'll tell you this much: She wasn't less productive!


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