The 1 Minute That Will Revolutionize Your Finances

Gabrielle Karol

LearnVest CEO Alexa von Tobel shares her favorite, foolproof tip for taking control of your finances: the Money Minute.

Each morning, she logs on to her Money Center account to review her transactions. Find out what she’s looking for, how just one minute a day helps her to stay on track toward reaching her goals–and how it’s helped her to save hundreds of dollars each year.

Want to start taking a “Money Minute” yourself? Connect your accounts in the Money Center to start monitoring your own spending, and get your 2013 financial picture in check.

  • Jenna

    Do you do transcripts of your videos? That would be awesome (I can’t listen to audio).

  • SY

    Omg, Alexa…. how many times have you had to dispute inaccurate charges (like being charged twice or your tips being changed?)  I’m just disturbed to hear about this.

    I noticed that some places with charge twice — once a random dollar amount that has nothing to do with what you actually spent, and then another time for the actual dollar amount that you spent.  I called Chase once to dispute the first charge, and they said that retailers/restuarants will do this often just as a dummy transaction.  Is that even legal?  And have you come across those?

  • piedpiper1

    When is Money Center going to be available for Android?

  • rohit

    SY: The places that do a “dummy transaction” do this to validate your card will not decline. This often happens at gas stations, since they need to let you fill up before they charge your card. Its a common practice and should appear as a separate line item in your credit card statements — and it shouldn’t really impact you in any meaningful way. It also happens at restaurants when they haven’t manually processed the amount you wish to tip (typically this is done at the end of the night). 

    As for Jenna’s question, YouTube does do closed captioning. There’s a small icon in the embed that you can toggle. 

    • Liz

       you might want to check out what it says…I think someone is messing with that feature.

      • Liz

         I am talking about the caption feature.

    • Ana

      For me that dollar always disappears after a day or two. I’ve always thought it was just a hold. They’ve never actually taken $1 out of my account, surely that would be illegal. If they did it would certainly impact people in a meaningful way, those dollars would add up really quickly and they would be charging you for nothing!  

  • Peacock Jones

    Excellent information to give it a try thank you

  • Erica

    Still holding out for a LearnVest app on Android! 

  • Asummitt

    U will not believe this: immediately after watching your video, I logged in to my bank account to find my checking account had a zero balance. What?! I am currently staying in a hotel with my poodle, and the front desk had erroneously charged an absurd amount to my account for the pet fee! My husband went straight downstairs to get the error corrected, which thankfully, they did quickly! It definitely pays to stay on top of your finances.

  • Lissy026

    feed the children, spread safe sex and contraception education. :D
    ps great video!

  • Ashley Burton

    This is so great, I love your videos and it makes me feel like I am on the right track as this is what I already do everyday. When I can’t sleep I am budgeting my money and making financial plans.

  • Taynia @ Fiscal Flamingo

    Oh yay! So many people fail to look at their finances daily. Often the result is lost money – either through errors or lack of awareness of how they line up with their budget. Such great advice!!!!!

  • Kris

    Any chance that the LearnVest app will be coming out for Google Play as well? I love the site so far, but have never really been an iPhone fan.