Save Money With These 5 Easy Lunch Recipes

Save Money With These 5 Easy Lunch Recipes

Check out this helpful roundup of recipes from Broke Girl's Guide:

Lose weight; stay in better touch; read more… In January, we always try to be the best version of ourselves—to varying levels of success. One of the most common resolutions (one that we personally make all the time, calendar month notwithstanding) is to pack a lunch to bring to work. It’s healthy, it will save you money, and it’s more eco-friendly (just think of all that take-out styrofoam!).

But, it’s also easier said than done, right? Usually, we end up with a sad pile of lettuce or a depressing sandwich soaked through with the tomato slice that seemed like a good idea at 7 a.m. Some days we're running too late, some days we leave the brown bag rotting on the kitchen counter by accident, and some days we "forget" because the fatty food truck sounds a lot better than pb&j.

Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to this resolution if (drumroll, please) the food you were making yourself for lunch was actually good? Imagine opening up that Tupperware to be greeted by a chicken sandwich with lime butter(leftovers from the night before), white turkey chili with cannellini beans, or a skirt steak sandwich with homemade Romesco sauce.

With a menu of simple recipes this good--all brought to us by our friends atGojee, one of the most mouth-watering recipe sites around--we have a feeling our lunch resolution might actually stick this year.


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