Quiz: What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Job?

If we had our way, we'd all have jobs that pay well, give us five weeks of vacation, provide fabulous health and dental benefits, let us leave at 5 p.m. to pick up the kids and provide us with fulfilling work day in and day out.

Yeah, OK. We also would like to take unicorns to work, but we can't always get what we want.

But what we can do is decide what is most important to us--and then find a job that best fulfills those priorities. And while we're on the subject, not everyone's priority is a "huge salary." In fact, a recent survey found that 70% of workers think having friends in the office is the most integral part of being happy on the job.

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To help you figure out what kind of job would make you the happiest, we've put together a quiz that will rank your priorities for you--from most to least important.

Whether you value more vacation time over a heftier salary or you'd rather put in longer hours to make the big bucks, take our quiz and find out what's truly most crucial to you.

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    • ranavain

      I actually have a difficult time doing this survey, because I like my job so much. :) I work at a non-profit for a cause I believe in, I make good money for the work I do, I rarely have to work weekends or overtime, I’ve got decent benefits that are not 100% covered but are very affordable, I walk to work every day, my co-workers and boss are awesome… I don’t know how I managed to get so lucky, but it’ll be very, very hard for me to make any of these trade-offs in future jobs!

      • Seriously?

        Thanks for bragging! Er…I mean, sharing :) Sorry this quiz was just so hard for you, and congrats on apparently having the world by the balls, girl! Way to go!

      • steph

        Yeah, you are definitely lucky…

      • qw2

        My envy is over 9000

        • jay

          That is the greatest reference you could’ve ever made

    • This quiz just reaffirmed that it’s time to start looking for a new job.

    • Trac_dy123

      where i work we have no sick time, just one week of vacation no matter how long you have been there, there are no job vances, work on week-ends which infers with my days.

    • What is next?

      This is an interesting and helpful survey. But now that I have my score, what jobs align to what is most important to me?

    • junebebe

      I picked a friendly work environment, with a larger workload over an easy workload with a less than civil work environment. I’m working more hours so it’s hard on me because I’m a single mom, but it’s worth it for me to work with people who are kind. I never really thought it would bother me as much as it did until faced with that situation. It sucks to always feel uneasy at work. There’s a lot of “emotional labor” that isn’t factored into the equation; which I believe is extremely taxing and harder on a person than the typical job duties.

      • AkaBatGirl

        I’m with you. If you’re going to spend 40 hours a week (or more) with people, you’d better like them, or it gets miserable real quick.

    • Kmcdoug158

      I really like where I work just don’t necessarily feel fullfilled or valued.  Not sure what to do next at this point in my career. 

    • sjdemo

      I too have a job I love. It’s the first time in twenty years of working I’ve experienced this. I passed up a better paying job for this one, and I am so glad I did. Now I work for a non-profit working with children and families. My salary and benefits are not as good as my husband’s, which are fantastic, but things like setting my own hours, variety of people, places, and what my job entails, incredibly supportive management, plenty of training opportunities, and the overall pleasant atmosphere I work in make it all….well, just know that being happy in your work has a ripple effect on every other part of your life, and the same goes for being unhappy. If you don’t like your job now spend a bit of time figuring out what it would take for you to like it, and if it’s too much or not possible start figuring out what you want to be doing or where you want to be working and make a plan to get there. 

      I once had a horrible manager tell me “It’s only a job,” and this was in a nursing field. If you spend over 40 hours of your week there for roughly 40 years of your life it should NEVER be only a job.

    • Sheila

      This was interesting.  I just started a new job only to find out after I started that it involved working weekends.  I only took the position because of the money until I can find something better, but this just confirms what really is important to me.

    • LMichelle

      Very interesting! I’m going to be starting to look for a job soon so it was really helpful to think hard about this. This will help guide me toward applying to certain positions over others. I think it’s funny that I ended up with salary at the bottom of the list. Now it makes sense why I’ve always been so underpaid! And I do value personal fulfillment most. The problem, in my experience, is that it’s almost impossible to get an authentic feel for a work culture before actually working there.

    • Guest

      Seeing my results of the quiz in black & white confirms what I’ve always known (& thought about for a long time) and now I feel I can move forward with purpose in my job search.

    • Anonymous

      This quiz asks the wrong questions, period.

    • melka

      so what am i supposed to do with these results? I assumed i would get some sort of advice on what is more suitable for me…. left me confused but what the hey, i now know what I knew anyway, as long as I feel good about the work accomplished at the end of the day im good.

    • AkaBatGirl

      The two most important things to me are the two things most lacking in my current job. I was moved to this job when my former division imploded, and the company decided to “give” me to another department (as if I’m a lamp or something). I basically work in Hell, with miserable, inept people, doing work that bores me to tears. Time to start looking for a new job.