Quiz: What Is Your Child’s Financial Personality?

You want your kids to eat their vegetables--and occasionally enjoy a cupcake, too. An hour of computer games could improve their problem-solving skills, but you also want them to go outside to play.

Everything in moderation, as they say.

And when it comes to money, striking a balance between the good (saving) and the potentially bad (spending) is the key to a healthy, happy life and bank account.

That's because while we always tell you to make it a priority to save for retirement and a rainy day, sometimes you need to reward yourself or take the leap and buy a home or a car.

Right now--when your kids are, well, still kids--is the best time to make sure that they're learning a balanced approach to managing money. As you probably know, the money beliefs we have as adults form during childhood.

So take this quiz to find out exactly what money personality type your kids are developing--and learn how to best help them continue down a smart financial path.

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