Counterintuitive: Could Sleeping Less Give You More Energy?

Counterintuitive: Could Sleeping Less Give You More Energy?

Our friend at The Jane Dough have clued us into an interesting new theory. Check it out: 

Good news, for those of us so tired from working all the time but who still have trouble getting to bed at a decent hour: you know how you get mad at yourself because you’re so tired the next day, but nothing changes and the cycle just continues until you die?

Well, now, you don’t have to feel guilty about not getting to bed on time. According to wellbeing expert Daniel Browne, the author ofThe Energy Equation who specialises in helping high performance workers achieve a better balance, sleeping an hour or two less than the recommended eight hours may actually help you.

Browne believes less sleep actually gives you more energy, making people more alert and happier because they have more time during the day. Boy, if this is true then we must have a lot more energy than we thought. But…does this mean I can’t complain about being tired anymore? Because that’s one of my favorite pastimes.

This is also great news in light of a recent study that found that half of mothers lose sleep because they stay awake at night worrying about their careers. The survey of 1,500 women found that just over half were being kept awake at night by work worries, including concerns about the struggle for work/life balance. One in 10 said they started worrying about returning to work when they were pregnant. Though we’re not super close to solving the work/life balance issue, at least we can take comfort in knowing that our sleep deprivation may be making us more productive than we think.

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