Chinese Businessman Gives $150 Million Dowry for Daughter’s Wedding

Alden Wicker

Chinese dowryShe’s got her momma’s good looks and a lot of her daddy’s money.

The newlywed bride in question is the daughter of Wu Duanbiao, chairman of the ceramics firms Fujian Wanli Group. In honor of his daughter’s wedding, Wu gifted the couple four boxes of gold jewelry, more than $3 million in cash, $16 million in stock, a Porsche, a Mercedes, a retail store, mansion and more, according to The Daily Mail. All told, the dowry was worth $150 million.

Before you get mad, note that Chairman Wu also gave nearly $2.5 million to two local charities in honor of the newlyweds.

Wu’s wife said, “As parents, we certainly want our child’s life to be more stable than our lives as entrepreneurs,” according to The Daily Mail.

The dowry is a common Fujian tradition, though it usually includes practical household items like bedding, new clothes for the bride, baby items, a tea set and some gold jewelry. It’s meant to ensure the bride is treated well by her husband and in-laws.

But recently, as wealth has exploded in China and especially the Jinjiang county of China, where Wu is from, the wealthy have competed to amass larger and larger dowries for their daughters. Another Jinjiang businessman gave his daughter and new husband a dowry of $321 million last month.

Maybe that’s why this bride looks so disappointed in her wedding pictures–her dowry was worth less than half of that.