Certified Financial Planners Spill Their Secrets … and Guilty Pleasures


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    • Sophisticatedlace

      Article isn’t loading!

    • Taylor

      There’s something wrong with this…it won’t load for me either.

    • Julie G

      I can relate to Brandi on the Shopstyle alerts.  I signed up for a whole lotta flash sale websites (ever notice they make it nearly impossible to shop without signing up?), thinking this would save me money on clothes, but I actually end up shopping more!  I get obsessed with finding bargains, keeping items in my cart for as long as possible before it empties, and looking at tons of things I don’t need and have no room for.  Whoever invented the business model ought to be arrested for drug dealing!  It’s so addictive, and it ONLY ever saves money if the purchase is for a need.  Ninety percent of the time the purchase is a “want.”

    • DeathofaDame

      I very much enjoyed this one!