Celebrity Trainer Holly Perkins' Tips for Getting Fit at the Office

Celebrity Trainer Holly Perkins' Tips for Getting Fit at the Office

Check out this helpful article from Broke Girl's Guide:

After two straight months of turkey dinners, Christmas cookies, and more than our fair share of wine, we have officially grossed ourselves out enough to want to join the chorus of New-Year-resolvers everywhere—we need to get healthy again, ASAP!  And while the vacation version of ourselves was positive that it would be oh-so-easy to bounce back from gluttony, today's return to reality is already testing our resolve. Donuts for breakfast, anyone?

To help keep our initial fitness goals low-maintenance and easily achievable, we've enlisted the aid of celebrity trainer Holly Perkins. Perkins understands that we broke girls lead insanely busy lives (please oh please can it be yesterday again? We're already exhausted!) but insists that even tiny bursts of exercise spread throughout the day are enough to enact change in our bodies. To help us fit in a few moves while stuck at the office, she developed these 5 workplace workouts that we can all do today. Best of all? They're free. So, no excuses—start squatting!

Holly's "Sit & Be Fit" Office Workout:

1. Even short bouts of activity add up to body progress (ahem, did anyone else read The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhumanalt?!). Take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a brisk walk around your building. Even a few minutes will inspire subtle, but definite changes.

Try this: Chair squats! Stand up from your chair and place your hands by your head. Sit down towards your chair, but just barely touch the seat before standing back up. Do this 15 times.

2. Set a goal for your day (50 squats, for example) and break that goal into bite-sized chunks of 10. 50 squats every day will create substantial changes to the derriere that you are otherwise sitting on all day.

Try this: Deep squats! Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart and your toes turned slightly out. Let your knees track over your toes and sit down into a deep squat until the tops of your thighs are truly parallel to the floor.  Squats are most effective when you complete a full range of motion.

3. One of the hardest things about exercise is the energy it requires to override the inertia that builds up from sitting all day. Without giving yourself even a moment to pause, commit to a short (20-30 minute) workout during your lunch break. Your challenge is to not think about it, just make it happen. Forget "I'm tired/hungry/busy"—you’ll come back to your desk feeling inspired and reinvigorated!

Try this: Jumping jacks! Check the clock and do 1 full minute of jumping jacks. Rest for 30 seconds and then do it twice more!

4. Buy a 48-ounce BPA-free water bottle and drink 2-3 full bottles of water each day. You’ll need more trips to the restroom, which means more exercise! Each time you visit the restroom adds 1-2 minutes of extra walking to your day. At the end of the week you'll have walked roughly 40 extra minutes. You’ll also have the added benefit of better hydration: better skin, fewer cravings, and the ability to burn fat all day long.

5. For a quick, at-your-desk mini workout, grab a colleague and complete 3 rounds of this easy circuit:

Split Squats: Place your chair behind you and rest your right foot on the seat. With focus on your left leg, drop into a lunge, push into your left foot, and then stand back up. Do 15 reps and then switch sides.

Desk Push Up: Place your hands on your desk shoulder-width distance apart. With your feet together, lower down until your chest nearly touches the desk. Push back to start and repeat 15 times.

Squat Jumps: Stand with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders. Drop down into a squat to prepare, and then jump straight up as high as you can, as if you could touch the ceiling. When you land, immediately explode back up for another rep. Continue until you have completed 10.



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