9 Ideas to Lower Your Rent


Fix It Up

You might be able to afford a bit more space if you rent a fixer upper like Amy Merrick did. She managed to live roommate-free by deciding to go with a place that still needed some work and saved a total of $400 a month. Of course, fixer uppers aren’t for everyone, but it might be for you if you’re the sort who would see it as a challenge and a creative outlet.

Research Maven

Be sure to do your research on the neighborhood and its price of rents when you’re looking for your place. These will be good facts and figures to bring in when you’re trying to reach a deal with your potential landlord.

You can also do this while you’re renting your apartment to see if rental prices around you are going down. If your neighbor is paying less than you, there’s no reason why you can’t haggle for a lower price to match that as well. Read this sample of letter that a WSJ reporter wrote to her landlord which effectively reduced her rent by $300.

Show Some Loyalty

Chances are, you can either get or ask for a lower rent if you sign a longer lease. And if you’re a longtime resident, approach the landlord for a lower rent citing how long your good track record is as a payer.

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