9 Ideas to Lower Your Rent


how to lower your rentThis story originally appeared on SavvySugar

For a lot of you, a hefty portion of your paycheck goes to rent, according to a SavvySugar survey. In this flagging economy, it’s hard to put forward such a big chunk of cash when you’re struggling to save.

If the high rental prices are stressing you out, here are a few options you should consider in order to lower your rent. These suggestions might be common sense for most, but it’s always good to get a savvy refresher!

Find a Mate

Roomies aren’t just a bundle of fun, they’ll save you a bundle of bucks as well. Ask a friend or two to move in with you or find some people to room with online through sites like Craigslist or roommates.com. Make sure to do your research and vet your potential living partner properly so that you won’t end up with any roommate horror stories.

Lower Your View

The lower you are, the less you’ll pay so consider living on a lower floor or in the basement of a building. Before you do, read some of these greatfacts about basement living and some tips from our basement-dwelling readers so you know what you’re in for.

Shrink It

Studios make for cozy spaces so don’t be afraid to go smaller. It’ll bring out your creativity and organizational skills, because you’ll be trying to make your items fit into the space. And if they don’t? A perfect chance for you to declutter. Remember to read my tips on places you should declutter!

Try Subletting

Search high and low for a sublet, which can be a great deal for you since it might be fully furnished which means you won’t have to splash money on furniture. Some sublets even cover the costs of bills such as electricity, cable, and Internet, so be sure to be open to the subletting options. Sometimes the best steals can be found through friends of friends. Some people don’t list the extra rooms they  have because they’ve never really thought about renting it out or they don’t feeling comfortable having strangers live there.

Add Some Distance

Living at the heart of the city or the trendiest spots can rack up prices, so live a little bit out of the way to save a lot. The longer commute will give you time for activities such as reading or even studying a different language. It can also be a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of a crowded epicenter!