7 Money Links We Love: The 100 Richest People Could End Poverty

7 Money Links We Love: The 100 Richest People Could End Poverty

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Get real with your spouse--even when it comes to supposed "white" lies. 8 Money Lies That Damage Your Finances and Hurt Your Marriage  - Money Crashers

We never thought of universities as boys' clubs, but maybe we're naive. Being Married Helps Professors Get Ahead, But Only if They're Male - The Atlantic

Wealth inequality has reached dizzying new heights. A new report claims that the wealth of just the 100 richest people in the world could end poverty for everyone else. Oxfam Says World's Rich Could End Poverty - Al Jazeera

Courts have ruled that your social media griping is protected speech that your employer can't punish you for ... unless you gripe the wrong way. Why Your Employer's Social Media Policy May Be Illegal - The Grindstone

Another week, another sweet app to help you find discounts. Honey Automatically Searches for and Applies Coupon Codes When You're Shopping Online - Lifehacker

Think your kid is a brat? It's likely your family's fault. It's Official, My Kid Is Spoiled. How on Earth Do I Fix It? - Mommyish

The East Coast is suffering through a wicked cold snap, so we especially appreciate this! 9 Ways to Seal Leaks and Reduce Your Winter Heating Bill - WiseBread

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(Cue 'Jaws' theme music.) Tax season is coming! And you should definitely read this if you claim the home office deduction. You Can File Your Taxes Starting January 30th

More fuel added to the "why the heck do you live in that insanely expensive city?" debate. Since When Does $166,000 Make You Middle Class?

Your online shopping/overspending/latte buying habits are no match for this post. The Secret to Breaking Your Bad Money Habits. (No, Really!)

It's never too late to get it together when it comes to your finances. This story wins Inspirational Article of the Week. How I Finally Got My Money Game Going After 30


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