7 Money Links We Love: The 5 Days That Could Make or Break Your Portfolio

7 Money Links We Love: The 5 Days That Could Make or Break Your Portfolio

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite and most useful money-related articles. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Slow down there. If you rush into your New Year's resolutions, you might end up wasting a ton of money. Understand the Hidden Costs of Your Resolutions Before Starting In on Them - Lifehacker

Do you owe more on your mortgage than your home is actually worth? We've got some (tentative) good news. More Help for Underwater Homeowners - Fox Business

Ever noticed how cold it is by your windows? This could be your solution. Insulating Curtains Save Dollars and Energy - RecycleBank

In the latest annals of odd things that people will pay money for, Asian teens are willing to fork over up to $100 for fake braces--they're a status symbol. Fake Braces: Asia's Curious Teenage Fashion Trend - The Week

There's one predictor of the stock market that has been accurate 80% to 90% of the time. Should you make investing decisions based on it? The S&P 5-Day Rule - Business Insider

For parents not interested in funding a summer in the city, there's a Plan B. Top Highest-Paying Internships and How to Get Them - HerCampus

How much should you save? How much will the stock market grow? How much should you spend on housing costs? Check out these clever ways to decide. 9 Handy Financial Rules of Thumb - Time

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This year, make sure to build the right financial to-dos into your resolutions--based on your life stage. 5 Things to Do Every Decade for Financial Success

Will you pay more taxes this year? We break it down. The Fiscal Cliff Resolution: What It Means for Your Wallet

Even if you only make it to the gym once this month, you can still cross these must-include resolutions off your list. 10 Easy Financial Resolutions That All Parents Should Make

Our founder and CEO, Alexa von Tobel, shares her favorite financial tip. The 1 Minute That Will Revolutionize Your Finances

Start the year off on the right foot! Your January Financial To-Dos


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