50 Ideas to Boost Your Career This Year

50 Ideas to Boost Your Career This Year

Here's another smart post from our friends at SavvySugar. Check it out: 

It's time to make some changes—both big and small—this year. And if you're not sure what kind of career resolution you should set for yourself, take a look at this list, and pick one or more!

  1. Find a work mentor
  2. Organize a volunteer activity
  3. Record your achievements
  4. Ask your boss for feedback
  5. Schedule regular check-ins with your boss
  6. Set monthly goals
  7. Remove the clutter from your desk
  8. Clean up your to-do list
  9. Be more prompt about answering emails
  10. Find a new work buddy
  11. Send more professional emails
  12. Lend a hand to a co-worker
  13. Take on a new responsibility
  14. Organize an event at work
  15. Ask for a promotion
  16. Request a raise
  17. Take a class that will help you with work
  18. Go to more networking events
  19. Update your LinkedIn profile
  20. Give your résumé a makeover

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