5 Ways to Save Money on Laundry

5 Ways to Save Money on Laundry

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Laundry may not seem like a huge cash drain, but since it's a task you repeat so frequently (at least, we hope you do), you can save big dough with little changes.

Plus, these tips will conserve water as well, which helps the environment!


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1. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

The Department of Energy estimates that up to 90% of the cost of doing laundry comes from the fuel used to run your water heater, rather than the electricity needed to run the machine. Note: Using hot water is important if you're trying to disinfect as well as clean (which is important for things like towels).

2. Dry Clothes on the Line

If it’s convenient for your home and your life, line-dry your clothes. You’ll save yourself $85 dollars per year, which is the average cost of running a clothes dryer, according to the California Energy Commission. Bonus: Line-drying also preserves your clothing.

3. Run Full Loads

If you only run your washing machine and clothes dryer when they’re full, you’ll save money. Plus, you'll use less wate and conserve energy by running your machine less often.

4. Remove the Lint

Don’t forget to remove lint from the filter in between every load to keep your machine running efficiently. It also saves you money by keeping the dryer from excessively heating your home, and cuts down your risk of having a fire. Read Inspect Your Dryer And Dryer Ducts to learn more.

5. Use Stain Remover

Use a stain remover on fabrics before you run your load. Tip: Lemon juice or white vinegar work well as over-the-counter stain removers, and you won’t have to worry about unhealthy fumes from chlorine.

Be sure your washing machine is well maintained. Read Inspect and Maintain Your Front-Loading Washing Machine.

If you're shopping for new appliances for your laundry room, shop Energy Star. You will greatly lower your utility bills with an energy efficient appliance. To learn more, read Shop Energy Star.

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