5 Fun, Creative Uses for Leftover Wine Bottles

5 Fun, Creative Uses for Leftover Wine Bottles

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Your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties were both whopping successes.

But now that the holidays are over, all you have to remember them by is a trio of empty wine bottles sitting on your kitchen counter. What’s that, empty wine bottle? You want to be upcycled? That can be arranged.

The unique shape and diverse hues of wine bottles make them a versatile décor piece. A green shiraz bottle could look great in your garden, and a blue chardonnay bottle filled with twinkle lights will add a warm glow to your bedside table.

Here are five of our favorite ways to upcycle wine bottles:

1. Flower Vase

It’s easy to turn a wine bottle into a flower vase. Simply put water in the base and flowers in the bottle, one stem at a time. You can choose to leave the label on or strip it off, spray paint the glass or leave as is.

2. Lighting Accent

If harsh overhead lighting is ruining your ambiance, use wine bottles to soften the mood in any room. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle and place some twinkle lights inside. Or, put the bottle over a lit candle for a crafty centerpiece.

3. Candlesticks

To turn your used wine bottle into a unique candlestick, all you need is a glass cutter. Simply cut off the bottom half of your wine bottle and place a candle in the neck. Voila, candlestick! This fixture will add romance to the dinner table and style to any bathroom.

4. Garden Decoration

Empty wine bottles make a great addition to either an indoor or outdoor garden! Use wine bottles to water your indoor plants, or create a hanging planter by cutting off the bottom half of your wine bottle and turning it upside down.

5. Tiki Torch

If you’re feeling ambitious, turn your empty wine bottles into tiki torches. Geradot offers this excellent how-to for less than $5!

Image Credit: ClassyGarbage/Etsy

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