10 Places to Search for Your Next Job

10 Places to Search for Your Next Job

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When job hunting is your full-time job, you've got to do everything in your power to get an interview. That means using your open-ended days to exhaust all of your resources. Get out of your job-hunting rut and find more opportunities by tapping into these 10 places.

Your Existing Network

Get the word out that you're looking for a job and make extra effort with contacts employed at companies that you'd like to work for. Employers often alert their employees about open positions before advertising them on their website or job boards, so get your job search on your existing network's radar pronto.


Many employers rely on select recruiting companies to fill their open positions and don't bother posting their open positions online. Get in touch with a couple recruiters to tap into their unique connections.

Craigslist and Local Job Boards

Every job I've ever had started with a Craigslist ad. Search your city (or cities you're considering for relocation) and you'll find opportunities that are updated daily. This isn't the only localized job site on the Internet—simply enter a search for job boards in your city to see if they exist.

Skill-Specific Job Sites

For a more targeted job search, try searching for smaller job sites that only list positions for specialized professions.

Company Websites, Twitter, and Facebook Accounts

Be one of the first to know about an open position by becoming a fan of companies you love on Facebook or following them on Twitter. And of course, visit company websites directly to locate career opportunities.

Professional Associations and LinkedIn

Join local or online professional associations to expand your network and improve your chances of finding new opportunities. Your new contacts could have connections to employees at companies with open positions. Introductions are key to getting in the door.

Major Job Sites

Big job sites like Monster and CareerBuilder are around for a reason, but don't rely on them exclusively during your job search.

Newspaper Help Wanted Ads

Remember the newspaper? You might think scrolling through the help wanted ads is about as helpful as looking for a job under a rock, but some employers continue to use the paper to advertise open positions.

Alumni Associations

Many universities have strong alumni associations that even come with designated corporate relationships. Hop on your alma mater's website to see what resources may be beneficial to your job search.

The Company

Unearth unadvertised jobs by contacting the company directly. You're exhausting all of your options, remember? One phone call can make a difference.

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