10 Free Workout Sites You'll Love

10 Free Workout Sites You'll Love

Your health is priceless. To help maintain it, check out another great post from our friends at Diet Blog:

Are you one of the many looking for a new workout plan?

Don’t start a gym membership that you will use for two weeks and then never use again. Figure out a routine that works perfectly with what you need.


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For me, I find that this is at-home workouts or running outside. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, and if you are pressed for time, it is the fastest way to squeeze in exercise. Plus, if you have children, you don’t have to hire a babysitter to workout!

The trickiest part is sticking to it. Commit to your home workout. So, I have created a list of free online workout websites.

Save them to your tablet, or print them out. Many of the workouts may only be 10 minutes long, but who says you can’t do them 3 times through to get to 30 minutes?

Top 10 Free Online Workout Sites

1. BodyRock.tv

This is my favorite workout website. Though the videos may seem a little scandalous, but the workouts are killer. I see results fast and break a sweat every time. Plus, they update the website frequently. So, you can change your workout every time they update.
Visit BodyRock

2. DoYogaWithMe.com

Free, lengthy yoga videos at your finger tips. They are easy to follow along like you are in a yoga class. Make sure to make your home environment relaxing while you do yoga at home.
Visit Do Yoga With Me

3. Traineo

A forum of user-submitted workout routines. This website is great because you can see what has worked for others, interact with those who have the same goals, and become more motivated to get through that workout.
Visit Traineo

4. BeFit on YouTube

Tons of videos with celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels.
Visit BeFit

5. eFit30 Online Gym

YouTube channel with lengthy free videos.
Visit eFit30

6. Spark People Videos

Fairly basic, and similar to Exercise TV.
Visit Spark People

7. Fitness Blender:

Printable and video workouts.
Visit Fitness Blender

8. HomeFitnessTV on YouTube

Videos for specific toning areas. Excellent exercises, but not as easy to put together into a workout plan. AsktheTrainer.com is also very similar.
Visit HomeFitnessTV

9. Runner’s World TV

Has various YouTube playlists. When you play the string of videos together, you get lengthier workout routines. Geared towards runners, but anyone could try them.
Visit Runner's World TV

10. FletcherFitness.com

Great site and videos for those wanting to do “Cross-Fit” type workouts with help from an expert trainer.
Visit Fletcher Fitness

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