Will Unemployment Lead to Your Divorce?


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I was laid off for the second time in November 2005. I’d been laid off once before, so I knew what to do. I sent out resumes, networked, looked online for jobs and leveraged the resources at an outplacement firm. By March, I had a few strong prospects but no job offers.

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I knew it was going to be a long haul and felt resigned to that. Experts said it took one month for every $10,000 in salary. My wife was getting concerned; being a stay-at-home mom, she didn’t relate to the job search process. And because I was home, why wasn’t I spending more time with her? Tension mounted. Stress culminated. Fear increased. Not for me, but for my wife.

By June 2006, we had separated, and she filed for divorce. In July, I moved out. I found a job in August (with a nice pay increase), but the inertia of the divorce process and ill feelings towards one another was too great. In May 2007, our divorce was final.

At first I thought my situation was uncommon. But as I met more divorced men through my company, I was surprised to learn just how common it was. Being laid off seemed to increase the chances of getting divorced.

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  • Ksakura2004

    This is stupid. My husband has been unemployed since Feb of 2011, and I am working two jobs making a nice income to support us. Guess what, at first he was all like “Wah, you just are getting mad at me because I don’t have a job” any time I got annoyed that he didn’t pick up any slack on the housework. Sorry, not having a job has nothing to do with it. 
    One you lose your job and are at home, then it is also your JOB to take up part of the housework. That is not the time  to sulk in your loss of “manliness”, or try to keep the same status quo around the house. Bullshit. 

    Once once my husband started doing the housework and I started seriously getting into working, he found out that he LOVES it and it has been decided that he wants to be a SAH dad.

    Maybe the author’s wife got fed up with his attitude – the one where she still keep on being a full-time housewife while he wasn’t working. The author said she was concerned about money – maybe she got fed up with his “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it” attitude when in reality she has just as much say in the finances of the household. The author, and men like him, don’t lose their spouses because they lost their job. They lose your spouses because of the actions that take place after they lose their job; like the tough macho bullshit that this article reeks of.