What to Do When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

What to Do When Your Flight Gets Cancelled

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If you're flying in the next few days, it's never too early to have a game plan in case something unexpected happens, whether it's a canceled flight or a completely shut down airport. I asked Heather Dickson, acting publisher of the Lonely Planet guidebooks, for advice on what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

On what you should do if your flight's been canceled: "Stay calm, check your ticket contract and get in touch with your airline. All airlines have plans if flights are canceled, but policies can differ from carrier to carrier. Knowing what your ticket contract says can help you obtain the best result for your canceled flight."

On what to do if your airport has shut down: "When airports close, flights are either canceled or diverted to a nearby airport. If you are diverted then it's generally carrier policy to ensure flight connection to your final destination. In either case it's important for travelers to build more time into their journey, have a back-up plan and continue to check in with the airline. Many airlines offer mobile notification services, which give you early notice on the status of your flight and airport closures. Signing up for this service can save you time at the airport."

Read more of Heather's advice at SavvySugar.

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