What to Buy at the Drugstore, and What to Avoid

What to Buy at the Drugstore, and What to Avoid

The drugstore certainly is convenient, but is it affordable? SavvySugar gives us the scoop:

Many people think of pharmacies like CVS orWalgreens as a place to do some shopping for their medical needs, but drugstores can also be great places to find deals if you know what you're looking for. Consumer expert Andrea Woroch gives us the scoop on which items to buy at a drugstore and which to avoid. Read on to find out what they are.

Buy: Name-Brand Cereal

"Though the initial prices may not seem cheaper than those offered at bulk retailers like Target or your local supermarket, drugstores continually discount name-brand cereal so you can find it at 40% less than other retailers."

Buy: Milk and Eggs

"Drugstores like Rite Aid are expanding their merchandise to include food, including fresh food. Eggs and milk are priced less than at the grocery store on average."

Buy: Generic Skincare

"Stores like CVS create store brand versions of popular skin care brand name products priced at 30 percent less. The store brands of CVS products are strategically and conveniently placed right next to their more expensive counterparts, indicating the same ingredient list for brands like Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc."

Find out what not to buy at SavvySugar!


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