The Only Gift Guides You'll Need for Everyone on Your List (No, Really!)

The Only Gift Guides You'll Need for Everyone on Your List (No, Really!)

Some people love the challenge of holiday shopping--they plan their strategies months in advance, comparison shop for the best deals and post adorable gift-wrapping ideas onto their Pinterest boards.

Others, well ... don't.

Whether you're a present-shopping perfectionist or a thank-goodness-they-keep-Macy's-open-on-the-24th procrastinator, we want to help you out.


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According to a recent nationwide study conducted by LearnVest and TD Ameritrade, respondents spent over $200 on holiday gifts each year. For some, that may be a perfectly budget-friendly amount, while others may find that holiday cheer is coming at the expense of financial responsibility.

So we've compiled ten gift lists packed with presents at all price points (starting at $15 and under) that cater to everyone imaginable--adventurous travelers, fashionable friends, artistic DIYers and more. We've even found designer goods for under $100. Don't believe us? Check out our guide.

Need more inspiration after perusing all of our fave picks? Check out the 20 best (and budget-friendly) gift sites. Happy shopping!

(P.S. The gift of financial security is also perfect for anyone on your list. Find out more about LearnVest Planning Service's affordable financial plans.)


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