The Financial Future Looks Bright: Your 2013 Money Horoscope

Your 2013 Money HoroscopeWe place a lot of value on creating a budget, establishing an emergency fund and foreseeing financial challenges as best we can.

But what if there are circumstances beyond our control that can influence our finances? And by "circumstances," we mean astrological forces.

Hey, it could happen.

Astrology writer and counselor Judi Vitale, C.A. (NCGR), shares with us her best insights on what 2013 means for your money--no matter what your zodiac sign. So settle in, open your mind and prepare to get the download on your money horoscope for the coming year.

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  • Ana

    The description for mine is completely not me. But I still think this stuff is fun! Just take it with a huge grain of salt. 

    • Rachel

      I’m with you Ana, I think they accidentally described the perfect opposite to my personality :)

  • Skylar33us

    This describes me perfectly! Weird.

  • Untmaggie

    Wow, mine is pretty accurate! I hope my husband’s turns out to be true, his sign has a very nice forecast.