QUIZ: How Materialistic Are You?

We're deep into the holiday season, which tends to bring out the best in us ... and the worst in our budgets.

Take, for example, the rising practice of "self-gifting." That's when you wander into Brookstone to find something for your brother--and instead walk out with a battery-operated back massager for yourself.

And this year, self-gifting is higher than ever: People who plan to splurge on themselves expect to spend an average of $140--that's the highest amount since the National Retail Federation began tracking the trend 10 years ago. And keep in mind that these are folks who've actually admitted to including a me-gift in their holiday budgets!

"We all have [materialism] to some degree," says Ithaca College professor Michael McCall, who's an expert on consumer psychology. "When it drives what you’re doing--and overtakes your life--that’s when it's a problem."

But even if you're not a big self-gifter, you still might want to examine your attitudes toward spending--and the holidays are an especially good time to do this.

Take our quiz to see if shopping--and materialism--could be getting the best of you.

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