How to Improve Your Finances in the New Year

How to Improve Your Finances in the New Year

As the holidays come to a peak and the New Year is coming into view, are you ready to ring in 2013 on the right financial foot? What will you resolve to do--if anything--to improve your life in the coming year?

Last year in a survey by Chase, we found that 19 percent of consumers reported that managing their personal finances more effectively was their top priority in 2012. What’s your top priority in 2013? As many people resolve to lose weight in the New Year, resolve to think of your finances in the same way--get back on track and make regular checkups a priority!

Here are several tips from Chase Blueprint to get started on now for a financially healthy New Year!

Know where you stand.

Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your 2012 budget, learn from your mistakes and repeat your successes. What worked about your budget? What didn’t? Knowing where you stand financially will allow you to identify any areas of opportunity and help you learn how you can improve your spending, borrowing and saving habits to reach your financial goals.

Start saving.

Figure out how much you can save each month and get started. Once you have an idea of how much money is feasible for you to save monthly, make it happen as automatically as possible. A great way to make sure you’ve got money going into savings each month is to set up automatic payments to yourself.

Manage your credit card balance.

If you overspent during the holidays and are worried about carrying a balance throughout the year, remember: a credit card balance is a loan. And just like any car, home or student loan, have a plan to pay it back. Use Chase Blueprint to save money and pay off your balance faster by designing a plan that works best for you.

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