Everything You Need to Know About Couponing

Extreme couponing has given couponing a bad name, but coupons occasionally live up to the hype: Shoppers saved $4.6 billion using coupons in 2011.

And how do we know that? Thanks to the below infographic from Credit Season, where they break down every aspect of couponing, from where to find them to where they can be used ... plus fun facts, the leading coupon sites and even fun couponing slang.

So take a look, and tell us: Do you coupon?

guide to couponing

  • Liz

    I never find any coupons to use. They’re always for name brand junk food, hair products I don’t use, or vitamins (totally useless – you might as well throw your money away). I never would buy something just to use the coupon, so I still haven’t found a way to save money. If I started finding coupons for generic, healthy food or produce, then I’d use them.