8 Movies With a Hidden Financial Message to Watch With Your Family

movies with financial messageThe holidays are upon us. Whether you're heading home to visit the family or just taking advantage of your days off work, there's one thing you'll probably be doing more than normal: watching movies. Maybe at the mall, but most likely from the couch while you nap off your food coma. (Thank you instant-streaming Netflix!)

We're sure you have plenty of films--new and classic--on your to-watch list. But we have a few more suggestions, ranging from the intelligent documentary to the junk-food movie to the Christmas classics.

If you can manage to wrangle your mom, little cousin, uncle and sister into agreeing to one movie, make it one of these, which all impart a subtle or not-so-subtle financial message, no lecture on saving for retirement required from you.

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  • Leslie H. Tayne, Esq.

    Clearly a great way to help visualize the
    message of savings and findings alternatives when faced with financial issues!

  • Just Jill

    “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” :)