3 Ways to Tout Your Accomplishments (Without Being Obnoxious)


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Ask just about anyone what personality trait grates his or her nerves the most, and a braggart is bound to top the list. So, it makes sense that most of us are loathe to toot our own horns, for fear of coming across as obnoxious. Especially in the office.

This obviously makes standing out in the workplace a bit of a challenge. But, given that promotions aren’t exactly being doled out by the truckload these days, we all need to find ways to highlight our own talents.

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind that’ll help you impress your boss with your stellar skills without coming across like an egomaniac.

No Splashing in the Shallow End

When you’re first starting a new job, or even a new role, it’s important not to make a big entrance right off the bat. For example, if you want to show off your Excel wizardry, simply declaring you’re the best in the land isn’t going to impress anyone.

Instead, start small and subtle. Craft your best spreadsheet possible for whatever project you’re working on, and ask your boss to take a look with you to make sure you’re on the right track. As your boss is reviewing your work, it will quickly become apparent you’ve got some talent in the spreadsheet department.

This is easily my favorite form of self-promotion, as it doesn’t require you to actually brag at all, and it allows your manager (or whomever you’re trying to impress) the opportunity to share her expertise with you as well. And who knows, you just might learn something new, too.

Pay it Forward

Put yourself in the position of your manager, and imagine how difficult it might be to acknowledge every little achievement each individual on her team makes on a daily basis—it’s no easy task! This doesn’t mean your manager can’t or won’t recognize your talents, it just means you may have to help open her eyes to the great job you’re doing.