20 Best (and Budget-Friendly) Holiday Gift Websites

Gabrielle Karol

Didn’t have the energy to brave the crowds on Black Friday? Forgot to check out the sales on Cyber Monday?

Don’t worry about it.

For us, shopping online—even without the incentive of crazy Cyber Monday discounts—is the preferred way to pick up holiday presents. The benefits are obvious: You can shop any time of the day or night, and you can comparison shop with a simple click of a button.

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Of course, even online-shopping connoisseurs like us can fall into a digital rut, surfing the same sites time and again. So we’ve compiled a list of 20 must-browse online shopping destinations with thoughtful–not to mention affordable–gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Zara Home

The popular Spanish fashion retailer recently launched online shopping in the United States for its home line. We can’t get enough of the beautifully crafted accessories, including photo frames, vases and trays–especially the metallic and reptile-print designs.

2. Chloe and Isabel

This retailer’s on-trend jewelry designs are perfect for female friends and relatives. We particularly love the glitzy pieces adorned with pave crystals, and the mixed-material wrap bracelets. Plus, you can easily search by price range–and there are plenty of under-$25 options.

3. Flight 001

This site has an impressive array of fun, useful and well-designed items for the frequent travelers in your life. We’re especially fond of these cheeky luggage tags for stocking stuffers.

4. Think Geek

This site–with its “Stuff for Smart Masses” tag line–is pretty self-explanatory. Got someone on your list who loves Star Wars” or gadgets and gizmos? Think Geek will undoubtedly have the perfect gift. (We think that the “Game of Thrones” board game doesn’t sound like a bad way to pass the time on chilly winter nights.)

5. Lomography

Although smartphones have made photography easier than ever, film cameras that produce interesting, offbeat pics are making a comeback–and we love the lightweight, colorful plastic camera designs from Lomography.

  • Plantastic

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    to grow a real house plant that “PLAYS DEAD” when you Tickle It!.. See video and by all means grow one.
    Great gift idea

    • Plantastic

      I love my pet TickleMe Plant!

  • amhp

    Zara home has free shipping in December too…

  • Victoria

    Sorry, Learnvest.  I usually think your suggestions are good, but this Holiday, I’d like to see more of us shopping AMERICAN.  Could you show us an article like this one that sends thousands of Americans, and AMERICAN DOLLARS, to AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS or artists of handmade goods?  This influx of holiday spending would surely help all of us in our bid for economic improvement.  Sending our money to China, Japan, Europe helps some of us, but not with the strength of American’s shopping American goods.  What say you?

    • gabriellekarol

      Hi  , thank you for your comment! Poppytalk Handmade  (website #9) supports artists selling handmade goods, and a portion of all goods purchased on Uncommon Goods (website #6) has a feature called “Better to Give,”  in which a portion of each order goes to these non-profit organizations:  American Forests, AmeriCares, City Harvest, and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). Additionally, we have two upcoming stories that feature gives that gift back to deserving charities and organizations to better the world. 

      • J Elrow

        I need to urgently send some gifts and I was a bit appalled at the hideous stuff on that site. ugh!! Im going from site to site because amazon is overpriced with very little to offer. This is a nightmare and these ideas are useless!!!!!!!

    • Nyc_726

      While in general I agree with your comment, I think the quality of American goods has significantly fallen, so, while I would like to support our country, at the same time, I am going to spend my dollars for something well made and hope companies here take note.  Yes it will be harming the country one way, but I believe we should be focusing on quality goods rather than capitalism and consumerism.  If my choice to buy reflects my vote, I vote for quality over country.  Sorry. 

    • Asmalcough

      We’re located south of Dallas, Texas, and we design, manufacure, package, and sell fin the USA, only! Come see us!!

  • Plantastic

    Just search pet TickleMe Plant ..great gift idea and it is real!

  • Mike Donovan

    Very excited to share our new site, http://www.BuyGifts.com, with your readers. The full redesign will be up in just a few days.

  • Zack

    I would love to add http://www.DoGoodBuyUs.com to the list. We have 100′s of unique gifts that give back. Including a section that supports the USA. Looked like that was important to some of your readers.