13 Stellar Money Resolutions for 2013

Libby Kane

13 Financial resolutions to make in 2013Eat extra vegetables. Exercise more. Spend added time with family.

It’s never hard to come up with a resolution–there are plenty of things that we wish we could do more or less or better. And, around our office, those things more often than not have to do with money.

Sure, we’re tracking our spending through our five-star app, and we’re constantly interrupting our Certified Financial Planners with money questions, but there’s always more that we can do to live our richest lives.

So in honor of 2013, we’ve rounded up 13 smart money resolutions from members of the LearnVest staff.

1. Get all of my big picture financial goals in action!
- Alexa, Founder and CEO 

2. Make my returns on time. Yes, most retailers now allow you to return items even after the 30-day limit (big plus to the places that give you 365 days–yeah Zappos!), but you lose value on the item whether or not you have a receipt or a gift receipt.
- Sara, Director of Human Resources and Internal Recruiting

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3. Go a full year without buying new clothes unless a key piece, like black boots, wears out.
- Ainslie, Chief Marketing and Product Officer 

4. Finish building up my emergency fund.
- Laura, Senior Editor 

5. Not spend my usual $500 a month eating out at restaurants!
- Will, Lead iOS Developer 

new years resolution6. Start paying extra each month toward a loan for a home lot that I bought last year, so that I can have it paid off before building my dream house (hopefully within the next few years!).
- Ellen, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) 

7. Put more of my supplemental income toward savings, and open a 401(k).
- Gabrielle, Video Editor and Assistant Managing Editor

8. Allocate 5% more of my paycheck toward retirement.
- Corey, Account Executive 

new years resolution9. Figure out with my fiance how we want to combine our finances as we head into major saving mode for our wedding, honeymoon and beyond.
- Danielle, Audience Development Manager 

10. Always say “no, thank you” to things that are outside of my budget–even if it looks really fun or beautiful.
- Alden, Assistant Editor

11. My rent will be increasing, so I want to offset that increase by decreasing spending in other areas to ensure that my savings remain consistent.
- Matt, Senior Accounting Manager 

new years resolution12. Make more lunches!
- Audrey, Product Manager 

13. Buy presents throughout the year, instead of doing it all at once. It’s actually better because you’re on the lookout for great presents year round–and you’re way more likely to find them!
- Becky, Product Associate

  • CB

    My goal is to save, save, save! I just bought a home, which I will be renting out for the first few years to make some money. Thankfully, mom and dad are still happy to have me at home and give me the opportunity to build my money.  I’m hoping to save enough in 2 years to finally move in.  Wish me luck!

  • Mara

    Finish paying my debt before march (no much more to go) / build an emergency fund of at least 3 month by the end of the year and stick to the budget!!! ( I have been doing my pre-new years resolution budget for about 4 months so it would not be too overwhelming to start!)…we also need to save money for a cheap car and our wedding in 2014…the wedding will be out of my bonus and hopefully taxes…let’s do thiS!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    I’m hoping to save $20K by the end of the year as well as pay off all of my student loans (which are also about $20K right now). So that basically means living on the cheap for a year, despite my pretty good job. Can I do both? We shall see!

  • Kmacd

    When will we see a LearnVest app for Androids???

  • kmacd

    We have paid off 50k in credit cards and bills in the last 2 years..PRAISE GOD! It can be done…with persistence and diligence AND sacrifice!. We are also helping to put our daughter through her grad/doctoral schooling…Our only bill now is our mortgage and we are now saving for a 2 years old car (at least) to purchase with cash… We can all “attempt” to try to live within our means better…

  • http://twitter.com/MoneywiseMoms Gina Lincicum

    We’re on track to pay off our last debt (besides the mortgage), a big student loan from law school. As soon as it’s done, we’re taking a family vacation to celebrate. It’s been over two years since we’ve taken a trip, since all of our money has gone towards debt payoff. It’s going to feel so good to be debt-free!