10 States Will Raise the Minimum Wage in 2013

10 States Will Raise the Minimum Wage in 2013

Do you know the minimum wage in the United States?

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, but wages vary across states—and that's where it gets interesting. Ten states have announced that they will raise the minimum wage requirement in 2013, which will mean a pay increase for about one million workers.


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According to CNN Money, Rhode Island is the state which will boost its wage the most by 35 cents an hour, which nonprofit advocacy group the National Employment Law Project estimates to be $510 per worker over the course of the year. The other nine states will pay their minimum wage workers another $190-$410 per year on average.

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The following ten states will increase their minimum wages to the following hourly amounts:

  • Arizona: $7.35
  • Colorado: $7.78
  • Florida: $7.79
  • Missouri: $7.35
  • Montana: $7.80
  • Ohio: $7.85
  • Oregon: $8.95
  • Vermont: $8.60
  • Washington: $9.19
  • Rhode Island: $7.75


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