10 Gifts That Give Back in a Big Way


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    • EDG

      TOMS should donate glasses to people with albinism living in Africa.

    • Brianne Archer

      Personally, I’d rather just donate money to the cause itself. 

    • Melinda

      I own a pair of ssekos.  They are so comfy and you can buy the ribbons to match anything you wear!  I love what the company does for women in Uganda.

    • meh

      I also own Sseko’s!  They’re amazing and the cause is even better!

    • Lara

      I couldn’t agree more. I found a great company, http://www.dogoodbuy.us- 50 percent or more of the proceeds got to charities around the world. There are some GREAT products, things for everyday or specific occasions. I know where I’m getting my Mother’s Day gift from!