10 Gifts That Give Back in a Big Way

Gifts That Give 100% to CharityWhat's better than an awesome gift?

An awesome gift that benefits the greater good, of course.

This isn't a novel idea--there are lots of great companies out there producing gorgeous jewelry, fun home decor and chic fashion that give a portion of the proceeds to charity--but more often than not, the donations are less than 20% of the profits.

So we found ten great companies that either donate over 80% of their proceeds to a charitable cause or operate on a one-to-one basis: You buy one, they give one.

This year, consider giving something great to someone you love ... and to someone you've never met.

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Not every dollar donated to charity goes the same distance. To figure out how your money can do the most good, read our piece on a new trend called effective giving.

  • EDG

    TOMS should donate glasses to people with albinism living in Africa.

  • Brianne Archer

    Personally, I’d rather just donate money to the cause itself. 

  • Melinda

    I own a pair of ssekos.  They are so comfy and you can buy the ribbons to match anything you wear!  I love what the company does for women in Uganda.

  • meh

    I also own Sseko’s!  They’re amazing and the cause is even better!

  • Lara

    I couldn’t agree more. I found a great company, http://www.dogoodbuy.us- 50 percent or more of the proceeds got to charities around the world. There are some GREAT products, things for everyday or specific occasions. I know where I’m getting my Mother’s Day gift from!