10 Cover Letter Mistakes and How to Easily Fix Them

10 Cover Letter Mistakes and How to Easily Fix Them

December is a great time to job hunt, so improve your cover letter with these tips from SavvySugar:

I have yet to meet a job hunter who doesn't dread writing cover letters. They're time-consuming and tedious, and unfortunately, they're unavoidable.

It's easy to break cover letter etiquette if you're not careful. Those errors can cost you the job, so check out some common mistakes to be sure you're playing by the most important rules.

Failing to Emphasize the Company

Explain not what the company can do for you, it's what you can do for the company. Cover letters are often "I" filled proclamations of a candidate's attributes and fail to connect how their skills could benefit the employer.

Duplicating What's on the Resume

A cover letter is supposed to say everything you don't have room for on your resume and is the place to highlight certain relevant accomplishments. If your cover letter and resume are barely distinguishable, it's a sign that you might not have enough to offer.

Forgetting to Include Contact Information

Your contact information is one detail you should duplicate on both your resume and cover letter. If the two get separated, the hiring manager will know how to contact the person that wrote such a compelling cover letter.

Read the rest of these common mistakes on SavvySugar!


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