Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money?

Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money?

Have you ever cried at work? Do you know what your best friend earns? When it comes to your career considerations, would you rather have more free time or more money?


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At LearnVest LIVE, our first-ever live event produced in partnership with Chase Blueprint, we seized the opportunity to ask all of those questions and more to see how all of our career experiences stack up.

We probably all know what we should be doing to get ahead (if you don't, here's our hub of great career advice), but what are we actually doing? The answers—from over 100 LearnVesters—may surprise you.

Turns out tearing up at work—in the stairwell, in the bathroom—is rampant. And over half of you don't regularly ask for a raise. If this, or anything below, is true for you, here's everything you need to know:

Now see how you stack up to other LearnVesters!



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