HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder Shares Her Top Tips for Designing on a Budget

Gabrielle Karol

Genevieve Gorder knows how to solve a design problem.

As the star of HGTV’s “Dear Genevieve,” in which she answers viewers’ home decor questions, Gorder is no stranger to figuring out how people can create beautiful spaces–without going over budget.

So when Gorder spoke at LearnVest LIVE, LearnVest’s first-ever live event in partnership with Chase Blueprint®, it’s no surprise that she was a huge hit with the audience.

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In our video, she shares her greatest tips for revamping a kitchen into a gorgeous, luxurious and functional space without breaking the bank.

From the best type of paint to use on cabinets to the “special sauce” that will pull your whole design together, check out her tips in the below video.

  • Siebgal

    This would be even better if they showed Genevieve’s slide show as she talked.

    • Kristina Sisk


  • Susanhgreene

    this is horrible sound I couldn’t follow it.

  • Rachel

    Could you please post a transcript?

  • Yvonne Radcliffe

    I really dislike the videos and would prefer a slide show or transcript of items like this.

  • Yearinfrance

    Being able to see the slides would have enhanced this video.  The back chatter during the first half of the talk was distracting (as well as rude to the speaker).

  • Andrew Wong

    The video was badly composed. The subject matter was left out completely, hence the information presented without the context was next to useless.

  • Shelbyt54

    I agree w  Siebgal…and I like being able to see it in text ( Transcript) as well.  I dont care to watch the whole thing on a video; its time consuming and really like it when I can just print it out ! And as for this one..its not even really ‘ watchable”..did anyone bother to check  this before putting on here??

  • Btrxncl

    It’s really annoying to click through my LearnVest emails at work, hoping to read an interesting and informative article, only to be brought to a video with no transcript and not even a summary. I see people complain about this in the comments section every time – why isn’t anyone listening?

  • Yacosta

    I’m sure she had something valuable to say, but the echo was so bad I had to stop the video.