Eat Well and Cook Like a Pro on a Budget: Tips From Top Chef’s Gail Simmons

Gabrielle Karol

From saving money on groceries and the cost of organic food to buying in bulk and saving on workweek lunches, we know that you’re always looking for ways to eat well without spending a ton at the grocery store.

That’s why we were so excited to have Gail Simmons, a food expert and Top Chef judge, join us for LearnVest LIVE, our first-ever live event in partnership with Chase Blueprint, on October 9th.

From the three types of knives you actually need (no need to splurge on that expensive chef’s set!) to the best way to handle leftovers, Gail shared with us her “Food Fundamentals,” or the basics you need to master to cook like a pro, eat well and save money at the same time.

Here are her expert tips:

  • JJ Ohio

    I wish this had a text transcript of the video.  I can’t watch a video where I am currently but would love to know what Gail said!

    • mvickaryous

      Same cube-mates would not be happy with me

    • Jen Gallardo

      Agreed.  It would also be great from an accessibility point of view.  

  • FitMissy

    I love this! This is very important as a lot of people don’t eat healthy as they think healthy food is more expensive and takes too much time to make. Very good!

  • Kathy A.

    I agree with the ladies who said a transcript would be great as well.  Gail shared easy but very smart tips for preparing your kitchen, cooking and meal planning that I would like to reference in the future without having to watch the video again.  Gail – thanks for the focus on healthy, tasty and efficient cooking!

  • Dragonlady97213

    I’ll echo a request for a transcript, especially for future reference.

  • Anonymous

    Agree, this needs a transcript!

  • Guest

    Not for nothing, but I’m beginning to hate videos. For one thing, I can read significantly faster than someone can explain in a video, even if they don’t have a very slow delivery peppered with “like” and “um.”. Also, *EVERY* video I see anymore has an annoying preliminary ad. YUCK. 

    • Sheila

       Ditto.  Not a fan of the videos.  I’d so much rather read an article.  If I wanted to watch a video I’d go to youtube, which I rarely visit.

  • Cookiebakr

    Would rather have read an article than watch a video. I could have read this in half the time that it took to watch the video and could have just scanned parts of it that I already knew.

  • sjdemo

    another vote for read over watch. I like to bookmark really helpful pages and scan/search key words. Can’t do that with a video. Plus I can’t watch/hear them at work, and at home if the sound is high enough to hear the kids come over and start harassing me about it so I can’t hear anyway! They aren’t printable either, if someone wanted that option. I don’t think I’ve actually watched even one of the videos LV has posted. 

  • JenInBoston

    Twelve minutes and forty-seven seconds; you’re kidding, right? I wanted to see the tips but there’s no way I’m spending almost a quarter hour on this. Bullet point of tips, please. I can afford to give this about 90 seconds. Maybe such improvements are things you could offer in an upgraded, inexpensive, but not free app… I like your tips. I’d pay a little for them! But asking us to watch a 13-minute video is like asking us to pay several dollars just for this one clip (i.e., time is money).

  • Lindalee

    any chance you will offer a text version of the tips from the video?    I cannot get the video to play – and many others prefer to read instead of watch also.  Time is so precious.  Thanks.