Amazon Now Sells Wine


This post originally appeared on Newser.

This wine has subtle earth tones and a hint of online shopping.

Amazon launched its wine market, featuring bottles from more than 1,000 domestic brands, ready to ship to a dozen states and Washington, DC, reports the Los Angeles Times. It breaks down the “unusual addition” to Amazon’s wares:

  • It’s good news for winemakers: According to, a measly 2% of wine purchases are made online; this could obviously change that.
  • So how much is shipping? $9.99 for up to six bottles … of the same wine. Amazon will serve as middleman, with the wineries themselves doing the shipping. So there’s no discount if buyers select wines from a number of wineries, and Amazon Prime rates don’t apply.
  • The challenge for Amazon: It could leave a bad aftertaste in consumers’ mouths if it doesn’t offer comprehensive tasting notes and keep up-to-date with the ever-changing wine market, instead of just listing page after page of reds and whites, says one aficionado.
  • Are online wine sellers worried? Not according to theTimes. They say that the small number of states Amazon can ship to, lack of international wines, and not-dirt-cheap shipping costs will turn away some buyers.