8 Expert Tips for Saving Big on Black Friday

Cheryl Lock

5. Get Appy

Put your smartphone to use on Black Friday by tracking your purchases and spending (even cash!) with the free LearnVest app. Woroch also recommends downloading these money-saving apps:

6. Read That Fine Print

Keep in mind that most Black Friday door buster promotions are limited in quantity, so unless you camp outside the store in the early morning hours, you likely won’t get your hands on the truly incredible offers.

Woroch’s advice: “Read the fine print on any circular promoting offers, or call the store to find out specifically how many are offered.” And if you know that what you’re hoping to buy will be in limited supply, try shopping for it online instead.

7. Beware of Sneaky Add-Ons

According to Woroch, it’s best to skip the extras on Black Friday. “If you scored a great deal on a TV, stay away from the extra cables that may not be discounted,” she says. “You can buy those at a later date when they’re on sale, or scope out deals online.” Speaking of which …

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8. Shop Online

If you can’t bear the thought of standing in line (it’s just another opportunity to buy!), or battling the crowds, don’t worry. Most retailers post incredible deals online as early as Thanksgiving evening, says Woroch. And sites like FreeShipping.org offer online coupons and free shipping codes for even deeper Black Friday discounts.

Something else to keep in mind: This year, Monday, December 17 is Free Shipping Day, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve from over 2,000 participating merchants. So if you miss out on the deals and steals of Black Friday, there’s always a last-minute chance to make up for it.

Your To-Do

  • sjdemo

    best way to save on black friday — stay home!

    this year we are instituting Green Friday, and spending the day going through all the stuff in our homes that we could repurpose, regift, or just flat recycle.

    • tuclaeys

      Good for you! Green is the way to go. Maybe others will follow suit.