7 Tips for Instilling Gratitude in Your Children

7 Tips for Instilling Gratitude in Your Children

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As a parent, it can be awfully tempting to spoil your kids, especially around the holidays. And while it's okay to regale them with gifts every so often, it's essential that they learn to appreciate what they have. With that in mind, here are some tips from YourTango Experts about how to teach your kids the importance of gratitude:

1. Model gratitude for your children. Your children can easily see if you are thankful for the things that come into your life and whether you share that thanks with the people who bring things into your life. When you model this, you reinforce not only the behavior but also its importance. —Christopher Smith

2. Introduce gratitude as a game. Focusing on small things, play a game where each person shares something that they are grateful for. You can play this game while in the car by naming things that you see; you can play this game sitting in a waiting room by naming things that start with different letters of the alphabet; you can play this game in so many different ways. By making it a game, you are allowing your children to learn about all the things they can be grateful for while not making it too serious. —Christopher Smith


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