7 Big Job-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

7 Big Job-Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Searching for a new position? SavvySugar reveals seven job-hunting sins that will torpedo your success. 

Luck has its place in a job search, but it's certainly not everything. Put your searching smarts into action and you'll be on your way to success; just be sure to save yourself from job hunting failure by avoiding these seven no-nos.

Making Assumptions

You can't just assume that the references you submit to prospective employers will be willing to act on your behalf — you've got to ask them first. You need your references to speak positively, and catching them off guard isn't the way to inspire them to do so.

Investing Too Little Time

As much as you'd love to wish upon a job, it's called job hunting for a reason. The less time you invest in your job search, the longer it will take to find the right position. Devote your days to job hunting and you'll discover as many opportunities as possible.

Getting Attached

It's easy to get carried away about a particular position when it seems like a gem among a bunch of mediocre jobs. Try to keep yourself from getting too attached to one position so that you don't subconsciously close yourself off from finding other opportunities.

Sending Unpolished Resumes

Job searching is not a time for sloppiness to rear its ugly head. Employers won't bother to look at the information on your resume if it's presented in an unrefined, unorganized manner. Updating your resume is a waste of time if you're unwilling to format it professionally.

Running an Unfocused Job Search

Different job searching methods work for different people, but one fact is universal; you need to find one and follow it with focus. An unorganized job search can be just as detrimental as not being organized at your job — you won't get anywhere fast.

Sending Generic Cover Letters

Hiring managers read countless cover letters and can spot generic creations from the first paragraph. Craft unique cover letters for each employer and you'll have a better chance of scoring employment. The extra time it takes now will save you more time spent job hunting later.

Ignoring Your Network

It might feel uncomfortable to tell people that you're pounding the pavement, but tapping your network can be invaluable to finding work. Your network might know about opportunities at companies that don't advertise open positions and if you're lucky, they'll make introductions that make a difference.

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